The more inclusive, the better.

Different ideas.

Equally valued.

At ADP, we believe the best ideas thrive in an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives. That’s why we made it the cornerstone of our one-of-a-kind culture.

Committed to a fast-changing world.

Staying ahead of the changing world of work means understanding what different businesses (and their employees) want and need to grow and be successful. The same goes for our own company and the things that matter to you. Like benefits that fit individual needs, and respect for multiculturalism and supplier diversity. We also support global and community programs that empower transitioning military veterans, young people and people with diverse abilities.

Building strong partnerships.

We sponsor a number of professional organizations that help us attract and develop diverse talent in all areas of our business. Some of our partnerships include:

Not just talk. Action.

Our senior leadership team reflects the diversity of our workforce and the global marketplace we serve. We are firmly focused on ensuring that all great talent – regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference or other human characteristic – has an opportunity to contribute to ADP’s success.

young girl embracing mother"

In support of working mothers

Women make up more than 50 percent of our workforce at ADP. Our commitment provides an environment that empowers working mothers to advance and succeed through mentoring, networking opportunities, workplace flexibility, and an inclusive culture.

ADP is proud to have been named to the “Working Mother 100 Best Companies” list numerous times. We recognize the challenges families face in managing work life balance and value our associates’ priorities.

Working Mother: 100 Best Companies

No glass ceilings here.

Our annual Women in Leadership events bring together female executives from ADP offices around the world. The multi-day forum includes prominent speakers on the topics of leadership, personal development and social responsibility.

Food for the mind and soul: That’s how we do it here.

two women seated on a stage at the Women in Leadership 2016 conference

Celebrating the world of work through our associates.

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ADP BRG iWIN video
Rita Mitjans Discusses the Diversity and Inclusion at ADP video
What is the goal of the Business Resource Groups @ ADP video

Learning from each other.

ADP’s Business Resource Groups help associates connect globally with a network of people that share common interests and experiences. These connections make ADP stronger as a company, by helping to:

  • Promote the value of diversity and cultural awareness.
  • Accelerate associate engagement, retention and career development.
  • Support talent acquisition initiatives through new avenues.
  • Identify business and volunteer outreach opportunities.
  • Address changing business demands with an eye on the next generation.
  • Build relationships with diverse markets in our communities.
  • Enhance our products to meet the needs of diverse associate populations around the world.

Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

“At ADP, diversity and inclusion are threaded throughout our business, from our executives to our associates to our products and solutions. Never before in the history of work has there been more evidence that diversity and inclusion enable stronger, more sustainable businesses. ADP’s commitment to inclusion means fostering the kind of culture that designs innovative products with people in mind and making sure those tools help nurture more diverse and inclusive workplaces.”

Rita Mitjans
Chief Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

A.S.I.A.: aspiring success in associates
cultivate: inspire, empower, encourage
iWIN: International Women's Inclusion Network
ADP Pride
adelante: moving forward together
Inspire: aspire to inspire
ADP: military strong & allies
Generations. Interact. Educate. Influence. A BRG for new and emerging professionals

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